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Internship Program

New Jersey Future 2011 interns

New Jersey Future 2011 interns (left to right) Elizabeth Katen-Narvell, Peter Casellini, Gabriela Wyatt and Jorge Santos. Not pictured: Shriya Anand, Jed Drolet and Frank Weber.

New Jersey Future internships offer undergraduate and graduate college students the opportunity to join our staff for a short time, typically a summer or a semester, to focus on a specific policy, research or communications project. Their work often culminates in a special report, several of which are posted below. Interns learn not only about a specific content area, but gain exposure to our staff and operations through participation in policy discussions, meetings and events. The internships thus provide students with both practical experience and insight into the realm of public policy in New Jersey, which can advance their education and future job searches. Of course, interns enrich New Jersey Future in many ways as well!


Past New Jersey Future Interns

Shriya Anand, Princeton University (2011)
Sutapa Bhattacharjee (2012)
Jamie Blackburn, Princeton University (2007)
George Boff, Rutgers University (2013)
Ben Brickner, Cornell University (2003)
Jeannette Brugger, University of Pennslyvania (2005)
Kevin Burkman, Rutgers University (2014)
Peter Casellini, Rutgers University (2011)
Christopher Cavaiola, Monmouth University (2012)
Jay Corbalis, Cornell University (2007)
Alvaro Cuba, Princeton University (2013)
Marjorie Crowell, Princeton University (2010)
Chris D’Antonio, Rutgers University (2009)
Kevin DeSmedt, Rutgers University (2014)
Soumya Dharmavaram, Cornell University (2005)
Jed Drolet, Rutgers University (2011)
Eric Frantz, George Washington University (2008)
Anna Franzini, University of Pittsburgh (2010)
Nicole Heater, MLA, State University of New York, Syracuse (2011)
Joshua Jensen, Rutgers University (2012)
Thomas Johnson, University of Notre Dame (2006 and 2007)
Neil Joshi, Pace University (2012)
Matt Karpa, Monmouth University (2012)
Elizabeth Katen-Narvell, Princeton University (2011)
Julia Kiechel, Harvard University (2001)
Carl Kunda, Rutgers University (2009/2010)
Mario Laurenti, Manhattanville College (2012)
Christian Madera, Princeton University (2009)
Abel McDaniels, University of Pennsylvania (2012)
Stefanie Miller, State University of New York (2002)
Susanna Montezemolo, Princeton University (2002)
Julie Morris, Temple University (2013)
Pallavi Nuka, Princeton University (2004)
Katherine Otto, Rutgers University (2010)
MicKenzie Roberts-Lahti, Princeton University (2014)
Jorge Santos, Rutgers University (2011)
Tim Schuringa, Princeton University (2013)
Prachi Sharma, Tufts University (2012)
Ruth Solomon, Princeton University (2001)
Tom Wakeford (2001 and 2003)
Francis Weber, University of Pennsylvania (2011)
Carolyn Worstell (2012)
Gabriela Wyatt, Colby College (2011)
Sarah Yeung, Rutgers University (2013)


Recent Intern Reports

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