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Transportation Funding

How and where we invest in our transportation infrastructure has a major impact on growth and development patterns in the state.

Expanding roads and highways often leads to low-density auto-oriented development in suburban and exurban areas, while investing in mass transit in already developed communities can lead to urban revitalization and redevelopment — as has happened, for example, along the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail line. In general, New Jersey Future supports the maintenance of existing infrastructure over expanding capacity (a policy known as fix-it-first), as well as an equitable distribution of funding between roads and alternative forms of transportation such as mass transit and bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. New Jersey Future is also a strong supporter of “Complete Streets,” a policy that calls for accommodating all users, not just drivers, when designing a new road or retrofitting an old one.

Future Facts
Targeting Transit
Investing in Transit Is an Economic Incentive

Cities around the country are discovering that investments in transit bring economic benefits. New Jersey could take a lesson.

Pedestrians in traffic2
A Solution to New Jersey’s Transportation Funding Problem Is on the Horizon

Can fees on shoes, tolls on sidewalks and subsidies for SUVs help solve New Jersey’s transportation funding problem?

Seth Pinsky during his keynote at the Redevelopment Forum.
Forum Keynote: Target Investments at Assets, not Companies

New Jersey, and the entire region, can learn from New York’s success how best to invest in economic growth.

Key Issues: A Hefty Pricetag for Rail Tunnel, Transportation Projects

This is the first in a series of articles from our friends at NJ Spotlight laying out the critical policy challenges that the next governor and Legislature will face, as well as their positions on these issues.

Statehouse slideshow
Four Key Issues for New Jersey’s Future

Unless we focus on difficult, long-term issues, we risk making New Jersey less competitive and hindering our future growth and prosperity.

Articles and Stories
Targeting Transit
Targeting Transit: Assessing Development Opportunities Around New Jersey’s Transit Stations

New Jersey has 243 transit facilities, ranging from small single-track stations to major multi-line hubs. The unique characteristics of each station, of its immediate neighborhood, and of its surrounding municipality mean that a wide variety of development strategies should be brought to bear in order to maximize each location’s potential. This report shows how data assembled by New Jersey Future can be used to make decisions on how to target various kinds of transit-oriented development efforts. September 2012.

Route 130 Circle Cinnaminson
Filling in the Gaps

An assessment of how comprehensively New Jersey’s Department of Transportation has implemented its Complete Streets Policy. September 2011.

Federal Transportation Bill a Disappointment for New Jersey

June 29, 2012 — In response to the announcement of a conference committee deal to authorize the federal transportation program through September 2014, transportation advocates expressed disappointment at the bill’s lack of reforms and at provisions that would make it harder for communities in New Jersey to provide input on major projects and improve street safety

Somerset Office Properties
Bringing a Regional Focus to Growth Investments

2014 Smart Growth Awards: Study identifies land use changes and transportation improvements to spur growth for Somerset County.

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ARC Tunnel: The Best Solution in an Imperfect World

Sept. 25, 2010 — Given the transportation needs of the region, and the physical constraints within which this tunnel must be built, the choice is not between the ARC project and some perfectly crafted alternative, it is between this project and no project — and that is really no choice at all.

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