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Transit-Oriented Development

Transit oriented development, or TOD, is generally defined as mixed-use residential and commercial development that is designed to take advantage of public transportation access. TOD is an important component of smart growth because it allows people to live, work and play without having to rely on a car. TOD also allows the state to grow in a way that takes advantage of existing infrastructure and does not consume our limited open space.

Elements of good transit oriented development include pedestrian-friendly design, a mix of compatible uses, connectivity to the surrounding community and a mix of housing options. New Jersey Future supports the expansion of TOD near New Jersey’s transit stations, and encourages municipalities to enact zoning that allows such development to occur.

Future Facts
After: The new design of County Road 518 includes a bicycle lane and stormwater management elements; Photo Credit: Parsons Brinckerhoff
Hopewell Becomes First Municipality in New Jersey To Adopt Complete Streets Ordinance

Hopewell became the 103th municipality to adopt such a policy and the first municipality to do so via a Complete Streets ordinance.

Targeting Transit
Investing in Transit Is an Economic Incentive

Cities around the country are discovering that investments in transit bring economic benefits. New Jersey could take a lesson.

Nominations Now Open for 2014 Smart Growth Awards

Nominations are now open for New Jersey Future’s 2014 Smart Growth Awards. Winners will be honored at our annual celebration June 5, 2014.

Somerset Office Properties
Somerset County Releases Study on Repurposing Under-Utilized Commercial Properties

A new report from Somerset County that examines seven prototypical suburban commercial sites, with recommendations for redevelopment, could serve as a model for other counties.

An aerial view of Merck's headquarters in Whitehouse Station. Merck will relocate those functions to its existing Summit facility.
Memo to Municipalities: Get Creative and Flexible if You Want Those Office Parks Redeveloped

Re-imagining suburban office parks will be key to New Jersey’s economic vitality in the future. Municipalities can play a key role in making that easier.

Articles and Stories
Targeting Transit
Targeting Transit: Assessing Development Opportunities Around New Jersey’s Transit Stations

New Jersey has 243 transit facilities, ranging from small single-track stations to major multi-line hubs. The unique characteristics of each station, of its immediate neighborhood, and of its surrounding municipality mean that a wide variety of development strategies should be brought to bear in order to maximize each location’s potential. This report shows how data assembled by New Jersey Future can be used to make decisions on how to target various kinds of transit-oriented development efforts. September 2012.

McGinley Square slideshow
2012 Smart Growth Award Winners

Two plans, an innovative zoning code, a feasibility study and three projects are winners of New Jersey Future’s 2012 Smart Growth Awards. Joseph M. Taylor receives the Cary Edwards Leadership Award.

New Jersey Future Creates Database of Development Assets Near Transit Facilities

Sept. 24, 2012: New Jersey Future announced it has assembled a comprehensive database of development-related statistics for the state’s 243 transit stations and their surrounding neighborhoods.

New Jersey Future Op-Ed Button
In Targeting State Incentives, Location Matters

Jan. 13, 2013 — Two of the most successful and popular economic incentive programs – the Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit and the Economic Redevelopment and Growth program – are proposed to change. One of the strongest themes that run through these two programs is that they have powerful smart-growth location-based criteria that provide incentives for businesses to grow in places with the appropriate infrastructure and not in places with important environmental features or that will be more costly for the state.

NJF - SGA - 2013 - 002- small
2013 Smart Growth Awards

Four innovative projects and three visionary plans comprise the list of winners of New Jersey Future’s 2013 Smart Growth Awards. Diane Sterner will receive the Cary Edwards Leadership Award.

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