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Congressman Holt Joins Daily Commute For ‘Take Your Legislator To Work Day’

September 30th, 2009 by

Representative Rush Holt Joins Daily Commute

Source: New Jersey Future

In an effort to raise awareness of the need to reform federal transportation funding, U.S. Rep. Rush Holt recently joined a local constituent and Peter Kasabach of New Jersey Future for “Take Your Legislator to Work Day,” a challenge for elected officials to experience the daily commutes of New Jersey constituents. Rep. Holt rode NJ Transit’s Northeast Corridor line with West Windsor resident Paige Carlson-Heim on her commute, boarding the train at Princeton Junction and alighting in Trenton.

“For too many Central New Jersey residents, the daily commute is characterized by congested unsafe roads, crowded aging public transportation systems, and bridges and highways in a dangerous state of disrepair,” Rep. Holt said. “We should invest in a 21st century transportation system that would spur economic growth, make us safer, healthier, and promote energy efficiency and security. Such a transportation system would provide safe, affordable, and reliable options for commuters like Paige.”


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  1. Giacomo Abrusci says:

    From economic growth to a cleaner and safer New Jersey, I’m thrilled with the [well overdue] National Transportation Objectives Act of 2009 and Holt’s enthusiasm on this front. This is no longer a debatable improvement but a necessity to our basic quality of life. A great opportunity for New Jersey to lead the nation by example with such a transportation system.

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