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New Jersey Future Supports Bond Issue

October 26th, 2009 by

Photo Source: Dan Fatton

Photo Source: Dan Fatton

Growing smart also means preserving smart. New Jersey ranks as a national leader in land conservation. In round numbers, 30% of our state is publicly owned or deed-restricted parkland or farmland. And each year, hundreds of millions of dollars are raised by the state, all 21 counties and more than 200 municipalities to preserve additional land. This investment in our future is an important accompaniment to sound land use strategies that direct and concentrate development in and near our existing settlements.

Once again voters will be going to the polls to re-affirm their support and commitment to open space acquisition by approving a $400 million bond measure. And once again, the only choice is between a short-term solution and no solution. New Jersey Future supports the establishment of a stable, long-term funding mechanism for open space acquisition that complements proactive land use planning for preserving open space. However, New Jersey Future acknowledges the need for a short-term funding solution until such time as a permanent source is identified, and therefore supports the November open space bond issue.

New Jersey Future is part of the Keep It Green Coalition, which is advocating for the passage of the November 3rd bond initiative. The organization has also joined with fifteen other nonprofit groups to present a platform to the gubernatorial candidates that emphasizes a comprehensive approach to land and water use in our state, including the need for open space funding.

New Jersey Future looks to all those who endorse open space acquisition to support this bond initiative and to commit themselves to developing a responsible long-term open space funding mechanism and the complementary land use planning tools that will be necessary to keep New Jersey green and growing.

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2 Responses to “New Jersey Future Supports Bond Issue”

  1. Winnie Fatton says:

    I agree that preservation of open space and farmland is integral to a sustainable future for New Jersey. I am planning to vote “yes” on November 3rd for open space preservation, and urge others interested in keeping the Garden State “green” to do so as well.

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