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What People Think About State Planning in New Jersey

October 27th, 2009 by

On October 16, 2009 more than 300 people — lawyers, planners, policy makers, environmentalists, developers and citizens — attended a day-long conference at Princeton University co-hosted by New Jersey Future and the Policy Research Institute for the Region titled Where Are We Growing: Planning for New Jersey’s Next 20 Years. After a day of examining the successes and failures of state planning, as well as contemplating proposals for reforming the planning process, participants in the last session were polled on whether they agreed, disagreed or were undecided on a series of related statements using voting kits generously provided by the Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce and Janssen.

Here are the results:

  • New Jersey is better off today because of the State Planning Act and the State Plan.
    • Agree: 68.6%
    • Disagree: 10.2%
    • Undecided: 21.2%
  • A strengthened State Planning Act could facilitate better land-use outcomes in NJ.
    • Agree: 88.3%
    • Disagree: 5.8%
    • Undecided: 5.8%
  • The State Plan would be more effective with measurable outcomes that would actively guide mapping and planning decisions.
    • Agree: 79.6%
    • Disagree: 6.1%
    • Undecided: 14.4%
  • The mapping of planning areas should be more transparent and integrated with other policy maps.
    • Agree: 85.3%
    • Disagree: 2.9%
    • Undecided: 11.8%
  • The planning area boundaries should be meaningful and direct government action at all levels.
    • Agree: 56.9%
    • Disagree: 21.9%
    • Undecided: 21.2%
  • The State Planning Commission (SPC) should be more independent and located outside of any state department with land-use authority (i.e. outside of DEP, DCA, DOT, Ag).
    • Agree: 86.1%
    • Disagree: 7.3%
    • Undecided: 6.6%
  • The SPC should have enough authority to broker inconsistencies between state department actions and the State Plan.
    • Agree: 77.5%
    • Disagree: 7.3%
    • Undecided: 15.2%
  • Counties should play a greater role in developing the State Plan and helping towns with implementation.
    • Agree: 63.3%
    • Disagree: 24.5%
    • Undecided: 12.2%
  • Towns should have a streamlined process for certifying conformance with the  State Plan.
    • Agree: 72.3%
    • Disagree: 11.7%
    • Undecided: 16.1%
  • Towns should stand to gain or lose based on their conformance with the State Plan.
    • Agree: 69.8%
    • Disagree: 11.5%
    • Undecided: 18.7%

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No Responses to “What People Think About State Planning in New Jersey”

  1. jeffrey alan says:

    are there any transit villages active and open in nj or just in theory

  2. Jay Corbalis says:


    There is a list of currently designated Transit Villages on the program’s website, within the Frequently Asked Questions. Here is the link


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