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Forum Roundup: The Shaky State of Our Infrastructure

March 4th, 2013 by

Our partner NJ Spotlight discusses a new report on the state of the state’s infrastructure.

InfrastructureTo understand how badly broken New Jersey’s infrastructure is, just take a look at its system for delivering drinking water to its eight million residents.

Between 20 percent and 22 percent of the state’s treated drinking water is lost long before it’s delivered to households and businesses, according to a draft study by Facing Our Future, an independent, bipartisan group of former cabinet members and senior government executives.

The report projects that $7.9 billion needs to be invested in the New Jersey’s water infrastructure over the next five years, according to Michael Catania, a member of the organization and a former columnist for NJ Spotlight. Add in wastewater treatment facilities, and the number rises to $36.6 billion.

Read more at NJ Spotlight: Blue-Ribbon Panel Reveals Shaky State of NJ’s Water, Gas, Power, and Transportation Infrastructures

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