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Proposed CAFRA Rule Amendment Increases Dangers from Flooding and Future Storms

August 1st, 2014 by

New Jersey Future’s Chris Sturm and summer intern Kevin Burkman are the authors of this article. 

New Jersey Future’s comments call for more stringent protections.

Sandy damage -- resiliencyNew Jersey Future has submitted comments to the proposed amendment and consolidation of the state’s Coastal Zone Management and Coastal Permit Program rules. These rule changes fail to acknowledge rising sea levels which will subject people and businesses in coastal regions to more pronounced and repeated flooding across progressively large areas.

Instead of providing greater protections, the rule increases exposure to risk.  Of particular concern are two provisions: The first allows for more development in high-risk areas; and the second permits more non-water-dependent uses such as restaurants at marinas, which will allow more businesses in dangerous locations and threaten sensitive coastal habitats.

In our comments we call for the DEP to rewrite these rules in such a way as to incorporate long-term protection of people, property and coastal resources from adverse impacts of sea level rise. The rules should include more stringent standards for the preservation of waterfront areas, higher building elevation requirements, and greater development setbacks from dunes and tidal waters.

Read our full comments.

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