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Developers Convention To Address ‘Why Green Infrastructure?’

January 24th, 2017 by

Attendees of the 2017 Atlantic Builders Convention can attend free Green Infrastructure Speed Consulting sessions to receive advice from experts on how to include green infrastructure in development protects.

New Jersey Future, in partnership with the New Jersey Builders Association, will debut a suite of new green infrastructure resources and tools at the Atlantic Builders Convention that are intended to answer developers’ common questions:

  • What is green infrastructure?
  • Why do some developers want their projects to include green stormwater infrastructure?
  • What are the costs, impacts on the bottom line, and benefits of GI that could affect developer decision-making?

The partnership, called the Developers Green Infrastructure Task Force, helps New Jersey’s developers and their design professionals learn about, finance, and build high-quality, cost-effective green stormwater infrastructure.

The Green Neighborhood: A New Green Stormwater Infrastructure Resource Center

The 2017 convention, which takes place April 5 and 6 at the Atlantic City Convention Center, will feature a special designated area on the convention floor called the Green Neighborhood, which will feature builders, contractors, practitioners, and vendors with expertise in green infrastructure. The Green Neighborhood will allow convention attendees to learn more about green infrastructure and to network with professionals in the industry.

The Green Neighborhood will offer Green Infrastructure Speed Consulting, where project developers can take advantage of free, rapid-fire consulting sessions with stormwater management experts on how to incorporate green infrastructure practices into development projects. Developers are encouraged to bring concept plans, site surveys, maps, and other relevant information and materials to assist speed consultants in making their recommendations. Speed consulting firms, which will offer expertise in engineering and landscape architecture, include ACF Environmental, Clarke Caton Hintz, E&LP, and Meliora Design. Anyone registered for the convention may reserve a consulting appointment here.

Convention attendees can also visit the New Jersey Future booth for a first-hand look at the new Developers Green Infrastructure Guide. In a focus group meeting where developers described their experiences with green infrastructure, Steve Santola of Woodmont Properties remarked that “green infrastructure is always introduced as a headache and not as an Advil.” The guide is an effort to change that, by equipping developers with the tools and knowledge needed to make smart, informed decisions about incorporating green infrastructure into their projects. The guide will help developers understand green infrastructure options and advantages for different types of projects, compare alternatives, and evaluate costs and benefits that affect return on investment. Each of the included case studies will provide information about a real project and walk readers through the developer’s decision-making process, and cost-benefit calculators will enable users to compare green infrastructure practices. The guide is being shaped by a review committee of 11 developers. The guide will also be released on New Jersey Future’s website in April.

The convention will also feature a Green Infrastructure Seminar on April 5. Attendees will receive an in-depth presentation on the Green Infrastructure Guide, including a tutorial on how to use it. The session will focus on case studies, return on investment and lessons learned. Speakers include George Vallone from Hoboken Brownstone Company; Jeromie Lange of Maser Consulting; Rodman Ritchie of AKRF; and Paul Mankiewicz of The Gaia Institute. Register here for the seminar.

Green Infrastructure Insights Also on Tap at Redevelopment Forum

A panel session at New Jersey Future’s 2017 Redevelopment Forum on March 10 will feature practitioners who have seen economic benefits from green infrastructure, and will provide an update on the latest New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection stormwater regulatory reforms.

For more information on the Developers Green Infrastructure Task Force, the guide, or to learn more about the Green Neighborhood at the Atlantic Builders Convention, contact Kandyce Perry  (kperryatnjfuturedotorg)   or 609-393-0008 ext. 108. These projects are part of New Jersey Future’s Mainstreaming Green Infrastructure program, which seeks to make green infrastructure the first choice for stormwater management in New Jersey. The understanding and acceptance of green infrastructure by builders and their design professionals will go a long way in bringing it to the mainstream as a first-choice stormwater management tool.

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