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New Jersey Future Honors Brendan Byrne

PRINCETON — Brendan T. Byrne — whose governorship was marked by landmark measures that protected the Pinelands, enhanced mass transit and promoted urban revitalization — was honored by New Jersey Future at a reception at the Morven Museum & Gardens on Nov. 20.

More than 125 guests, including many cabinet members and legislators who served during Byrne’s two terms in office (1974-1982), joined in celebrating the former governor’s accomplishments, including adoption of the Pinelands Protection Act; establishment of NJ Transit, the first statewide public transit agency in the nation; and restoration of the Hudson waterfront, highlighted by the opening of Liberty State Park.

The Byrne administration also ushered in a new era in New Jersey governance, with the state assuming a larger share of financing public education, and taking on increased responsibility for economic development and environmental protection.

Gov. Byrne regaled attendees with stories from his days governing the state, and living in Morven with his family. New Jersey Future Executive Director Peter Kasabach recognized Governor Byrne’s legacy, citing his “integrity, foresight and leadership.”  

Coleman Wilson Gilbert2
Caton Weinstein Mount2
Reinhart McManimon Bests Fennessy2
Bateman Byrne2
Wilson Byrne2
Andrews Patterson2
Scheide Fleisch2
Pete Speaking2
Honoring Governor Byrne Invitation

Morven, Ready for the Holidays

Henry Coleman, Louise Wilson, Jim Gilbert

Phil Caton, Steve Weinstein, Pam Mount

Peter Reinhart, Maura McManimon Fennessy, Bill and Alma Best and Conor Fennessy

Ralph and Joan Widner

Ray Bateman with Gov. Byrne

Susie Wilson chats with Gov. Byrne

Members of the Byrne Family

Gov. Byrne with Larry and Feather Houstoun

Judy Scheide and Julia Fleisch

New Jersey Future Executive Director Pete Kasabach makes his remarks

Members of the Byrne Administration

Morven, Waiting for Guests To Arrive

Morven2 thumbnail
Coleman Wilson Gilbert2 thumbnail
Caton Weinstein Mount2 thumbnail
Reinhart McManimon Bests Fennessy2 thumbnail
Widners2 thumbnail
Bateman Byrne2 thumbnail
Wilson Byrne2 thumbnail
Byrnes2 thumbnail
Houstouns2 thumbnail
Andrews Patterson2 thumbnail
Scheide Fleisch2 thumbnail
Pete Speaking2 thumbnail
Administration2 thumbnail
Driveway2 thumbnail
Honoring Governor Byrne thumbnail

You may view additional photos from the event on our Facebook page.

Special thanks to all the members of our host committee and the generous supporters who made this event possible.


Honoring Governor Byrne Invitation


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