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Former Board of Trustees Leadership

25th Anniversary image with former board and supporters

Twenty-five years ago an inspired and diverse group of interested citizens convened the 1987 New Jersey Growth Management Conference, held at Princeton University.  The conference not only emphasized the importance of the recently passed State Planning Act, it laid the groundwork for the formation of a new nonprofit organization that would champion state planning and future-oriented land development and preservation decisions. Over the 25 years that New Jersey Future has been in existence, New Jersey has struggled with its role as the most developed state in the nation and wrestled with ways to manage and balance economic growth, environmental preservation and social equity. 

Along the way, there have been many local, regional and statewide successes as policymakers worked to fulfill the goals of the State Planning Act and the promise of the first State Development and Redevelopment Plan – to create “communities of place.”  These successes are the result of the efforts of individuals in many capacities including many individuals who have served on New Jersey Future’s Board of Trustees:

Roland Anglin
Marlene Asselta
Anne Babineau
Jorge Berkowitz
Dianne Brake
Peter Buchsbaum
Andrew Chapman
Patricia Clark
Bruce Coe*
Margery Cohen
Samuel Convissor*
Tom Corcoran
John Degnan
Sally Dudley
Dorothy Dunfee
W. Cary Edwards*
Reid Ewing
Robert Frantz
Robert Geddes
Morton Goldfein
Theodore Goodman
Robert Graff
Toni Griffin
Samuel Hamill
Thomas Hartmann
Michael Huber*
James Hughes
Jerrold Jacobs
Herman James*
Kay Jensen
Richard F.X. Johnson
Jack Kace
Beth Kitchen
Mark Lapping
Barbara Lawrence
Leonard Lieberman
Donald Linky
Anna Lustenberg
Sandra Matsen
Chester Mattson
Janet Milkman
Gerald Neary*
Thomas O’Neill
Kenneth Parker
Deborah Poritz
Steven Pozycki
Randy Primas*
Stefan Pryor
Bruce Ransom
Richard Roper
Carol Rufener
Wanda Saez
Eugene Schneider
Roger Schwarz
Ed Selover
Kevin Shanley
John Sheridan
Robert Silverstein
Linda Stamato
Judith Stanley*
Thomas Stanton*
Ed Stier
Gerald Stockman
Donald Stokes*
Jeffrey Stoller
Joseph Taylor
Mary-Ann Thompson
Nancy Tindall
Grizel Ubarry
Mimi Upmeyer*
Neil Upmeyer*
Barbara Wolfe

*have passed away. 

Please click here to see a list of our current Board of Trustees.

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