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New Jersey Future Statement on NJ PACT and the Energy Master Plan

TRENTON, January 27, 2020 — New Jersey Future Executive Director Peter Kasabach released the following statement today on the NJ PACT rules and Energy Master Plan:

“The Governor’s executive order creating the NJ PACT regulatory approach lays important groundwork for a resilient future for New Jersey and the timelines, while aggressive, must be met.

We have known for too long that rising seas put much of our state at risk, whether on the coast or near rivers, but our cities and towns have lacked the tools to prepare. A state sea level rise standard, coupled with more creative approaches to flood management such as green infrastructure, is an essential tool to guide development that keeps our residents and businesses safe.

Public money should not be funding projects that are constructed on land in danger of sea level rise or repetitive flooding. Including climate change considerations in all of DEP’s grant, loan, and permitting programs is an important start, but for this policy to have a significant impact, it must be expanded to all departments and agencies, especially the Economic Development Authority, Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency, the Department of Transportation, and NJ Transit.

The NJ PACT approach provide a welcome land use companion policy to the Energy Master Plan, which for the first time, lays out a plan to address greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector. Reducing the number of vehicles miles traveled (VMT) will be an important goal to help guide these efforts. VMT reduction efforts have many ancillary benefits such as making walking, biking and public transit ridership safer, healthier and easier. These plans together have the potential to fortify the health of our communities.”

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