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Webinar: National Stormwater Calculator

August 23, 2017
3:00 pmto4:00 pm

Stormwater discharges continue to cause impairment of our Nation’s waterbodies. In order to reduce impairment, EPA has developed the National Stormwater Calculator (SWC) to help support local, state and national stormwater management objectives and regulatory efforts to reduce runoff through infiltration and retention using green infrastructure (infrastructure based on natural processes) practices as low impact development (LID) controls.  The primary focus of the SWC is to inform site developers on how well they can meet a desired stormwater retention target with and without the use of green infrastructure. It can also be used by landscapers and homeowners. The SWC is a Windows-based desktop program that requires an internet connection. A mobile web application version that will be compatible with all operating systems will be released this fall.

Location: Online

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Radon-Resistant New Construction

August 28, 2017

This continuously offered, self-paced online course helps you gain gain a broad understanding of the construction methods that help reduce radon entry in new buildings. Learn how radon gas behaves and how different factors, such as geology, air flow, and construction techniques can alter its behavior. Radon-resistant new construction is an integral part of the green building movement and these features can be an important selling point for health-conscious home-buyers. Using common materials and straightforward techniques, builders can easily construct new homes that are resistant to radon entry.

Location: Online

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