Working for Smart Growth:
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Issue Briefs


School District Regionalization: The Land-Use Connection
The fragmented nature of New Jersey’s school districts, and the way they are funded, give rise to unintended negative land-use consequences. Regionalization of school districts could mitigate that. August 2016.


Position Papers

Each of the position papers listed below looks at a development or preservation issue and offers policy recommendations for helping New Jersey grow smarter.

State Planning
State government will need to take an active role in determining how future development plays out, if we want to achieve the important environmental, economic and societal goals outlined in the State Plan. November 2009.

Climate Change and Land Use
Connecting climate change and land use. October 2008.

Brownfields Redevelopment
Key Issues in brownfields redevelopment. January 2008.

Property Tax Reform and Land Use
Putting the brakes on New Jersey’s “ratables chase.” July 2006.

Wildlife Protection
In order to protect wildlife, coordination among all levels of government is required, as is the willingness of government to incorporate environmental data into existing plans and regulations. November 2005.

Success in the Highlands
Development, preservation costs necessitate a creative master plan. May 2005.

Historic Preservation
The rehabilitation of existing buildings does more than preserve our history and communities, limit sprawling development, and preserve natural resources. It also saves money and makes money. March 2005.

Affordable Housing Policy
An effective affordable housing policy for New Jersey should aim to provide an adequate supply of affordable homes in places where there is an undersupply. October 2004.

The Highlands: A New Vision
A regional vision for where and how we grow is essential to ensuring the protection of water supplies in the Highlands. February 2004.

Impact Fees
How can impact fees help achieve smart growth? Absent a solid connection to good planning, impact fees could result in well-financed sprawl. January 2004.

Smart Growth: The Basics
What exactly is smart growth? What does smart growth look like? How do we get to smart growth in our own communities? And why is smart growth important to New Jersey’s future? October 2003.

Tax Reform
New Jersey’s system of property taxation is not only hard on the pockets of New Jerseyans, it’s taking a permanent toll on the places where we live. September 2003.

Smart Conservation
Smart Conservation offers municipalities a powerful approach to land conservation that integrates fundamental land use tools: planning, regulation, and spending on open space and infrastructure. August 2003.



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