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Success Stories in Commercial Energy Efficiency

April 4, 2018
1:00 pmto2:00 pm

This Sustainable Jersey webinar will highlight successful approaches used by Sustainable Jersey green teams to implement commercial energy efficiency programs in New Jersey communities.  By encouraging local businesses to complete energy efficiency improvements through the Direct Install program, green teams are helping to reduce community energy usage and the local carbon footprint, leading to a more sustainable future for the community as a whole.  Completion of the Commercial Energy Efficiency Outreach action could also potentially meet one of the requirements for earning a Gold Star in Energy.


How to Use Zoning to Create the Desired Neighborhood

April 10, 2018
9:30 amto1:00 pm

New Jersey Redevelopment Authority Redevelopment Training Institute

Zoning is a major tool used to meet land use planning and development objectives.  It can co-exist successfully with other tools and policies, like redevelopment planning, to create a more desirable neighborhood.  This half-day workshop will examine the advantages and limitations of zoning, specifically inclusionary zoning used to achieve the desired vision for an area.

Hear how urban and suburban municipalities have used inclusionary zoning to promote affordable housing and discuss the policy issues and myths associated with inclusionary zoning and understanding its impact on redevelopment.   Participants will also hear how other tools are used to create the desired neighborhoods.

Location: Newark HUD Office, 1 Newark Center, 1085 Raymond Blvd., 13th Floor, Newark NJ

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Atlantic Builders Convention

April 11, 2018toApril 12, 2018

Hosted by New Jersey Builders Association. Connect with 6,500+ building industry professionals Attend educational and accredited courses Network and grow your business.

At the Green Neighborhood exhibit, visit New Jersey Future and other exhibitors to learn about green infrastructure and how it can be used for stormwater management.

Location: Atlantic City Convention Center, Atlantic City NJ

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A Focus on Commercial Real Estate Lending

April 12, 2018
7:30 amto11:30 am

Rutgers Business Center for Real Estate presents its second annual real estate finance conference.

Location: Hyatt-Exchange Place, Jersey City

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Webinar: Community coaching

April 12, 2018
2:00 pmto3:00 pm

Like the convenience of a webinar, but wish they could be more interactive? Join The National Consortium for Creative Placemaking for our upcoming Strategic Conversations on creative placemaking.

Community coaching helps stakeholders build sustainable plans – and the shared leadership to implement them. This model helps build relationships between planner and client that makes it possible to address the big, difficult issues that keep a community from moving forward. It is a different approach to current models of planning practice, and it may challenge you to think about how you work with communities.

Location: online

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Transit-Oriented Redevelopment Amidst New Jersey’s Housing Litigation Mess

April 16, 2018
8:30 amto12:00 pm

What are the challenges inherent in incorporating affordable housing as part of transit-oriented development? How can municipalities and developers succeed in striking the right balance of scale and density in the face of uncertain affordable housing obligations? Is there any help available from the State in trying to bridge these challenges? And, of course, what is the current state of affordable housing in New Jersey (litigation and otherwise) and where are things heading in 2018- – particularly in light of Judge Jacobson’s decision in the Mercer County Trial which may be poised to have statewide impact.

Join ULI NNJ and come hear these questions discussed from the perspective of Mayors, developers and industry leaders in the trenches.   AICP CM Pending.

Location: Eisenhower Corporate Campus, 290 W. Mt. Pleasant Avenue, Livingston NJ

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Webinar: Climate Adaptation Policy at the State and Local Level

April 16, 2018
1:15 pmto2:45 pm

Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability, with the American Society of Adaptation Professionals and the University of the District of Columbia’s College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability and Environmental Sciences, is hosting a new five-webinar series — “Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience Leadership Series”.

This is the first webinar in the new series and focuses on climate policy. Panelists include Michael McCormick, California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, Guy Williams, on the Detroit Climate Action Plan and Liz Williams Russell with the Foundation for Lousiana. This session will be moderated by Elizabeth Graffy, Professor of Practice at the Arizona State University’s Center for Science, Policy & Outcomes and a Senior Sustainability Scientist at the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability.

Location: online

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Creating Community Murals

April 17, 2018
9:30 amto12:30 pm

National Consortium for Creative Placemaking: Creative Placemaking Workshops in Burlington, NJ

Creating Community Murals

Instructors: Kadie Dempsey and Dan Fenelon

(note: no arts training is required) Murals can be important tools for bringing people together and building civic pride. Or they could just be paintings that come people like and others hate. The difference is how they’re done.

You will learn how to plan and manage a marling project that engages community members and works to support planning and creative placemaking efforts. You will get hands-on training by working on an actual mural in class.

Location: ArtPride NJ Foundation, 432 High Street, Burlington NJ

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Creating Public Art

April 17, 2018
1:30 pmto4:00 pm

Creative Placemaking workshop with National Consortium for Creative Placemaking

Creating Public Art

Instructors: Kadie Dempsey and Dan Fenelon

A piece of public art can be a creative beacon that connects an entire community. Or it could be just another object on the sidewalk that some people, some people hate, and too many ignore. The difference often is about how it’s designed, who’s involved, and who’s making what decisions.

This workshop will help you design and develop true community-guided public art initiatives. You will learn all steps of the process, from idea creation through site selection to installation.

Location: ArtPride NJ Foundation, 432 High Street, Burlington NJ

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TransAction Conference

April 17, 2018toApril 19, 2018

This year, nearly 1000 transportation management, directors, planners, engineers, grant writers, operators, elected officials, municipal, county and state representatives, consultants and administrators attended the TransAction Conference.

TransAction 2017 featured 74 workshop sessions (4-5 concurrent throughout each day) specializing in bus, rail, roads, bridges, goods movement. pedestrian/bicycle, paratransit, community transportation, ports and much more.

Attendees come from more than 32 states and 4 provinces of Canada.

Location: Tropicana Hotel & Conference Center, Atlantic City NJ

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