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New Jersey Future Redevelopment Forum

New Jersey Future hosted the Redevelopment Forum from 2006-2020. This annual day-long conference attracted more than 500 local and state officials, citizen activists, development professionals, architects, attorneys, planners, business leaders, and students every year. 

In 2021, New Jersey Future began partnering with the New Jersey Chapter of the American Planning Association to create a new event, The New Jersey Planning and Redevelopment Conference (NJPRC). This partnership has allowed us to expand our audience and comprehensive session offerings even further through an annual multiday event featuring over 150 speakers and a mix of pre-recorded, live-streamed, and in-person sessions. We are grateful for all the speakers, attendees, and sponsors who joined us during our Redevelopment Forums and continue to join us at the NJPRC.

The main pillar of the Redevelopment Forum, that continues to carry into the programming of the NJPRC, is redevelopment allows us to maintain and improve our communities and preserve our remaining open spaces. The Redevelopment Forum brought together leaders working tirelessly to create sustainable solutions to New Jersey’s problems to make our state a better place. We continue to commit to creating a space for leaders to share innovative ideas in all our programming.

Explore some of the past Redevelopment Forum agendas, speakers, and photos to learn more about the impact of these events. Continue joining the conversation by attending the NJPRC.


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