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Blackouts and a Bright Spot in the Energy Master Plan

August 11th, 2011 by


New Jersey Future released written comments today that focus on the land-use implications of the 2011 Draft Energy Master Plan (EMP).  Our review is mixed. In a nutshell:

  •  The draft plan fails to address the state’s largest energy consumer–the transportation sector. This shortcoming must be addressed either by the BPU or the DEP in a comprehensive manner that reduces the demand for transportation. 
  • The plan signals weaker support for a sustainable energy future, with its overall emphasis on increasing the energy supply and cutting costs.  Provisions supporting New Jersey’s nascent green economy should be added, perhaps by committing new funding to RGGI-supported programs
  • On the positive side, the plan’s proposed prioritization for solar incentives – towards brownfields and away from open lands – makes sense, but these provisions should be fine-tuned. 

 Addressing these issues will help ensure that New Jersey’s energy future is both bright and green.  

One Response to “Blackouts and a Bright Spot in the Energy Master Plan”

  1. RGGI is a flop. Market for trading credits was shut down. All forms of energy are equal. All markets should be open. Carbon is a cycle, not a problem. Solution to greenhouse is to revegetate and adapt. That is a green future. Free your mind and the rest will follow. Do not be so shallow. All forms of energy are sustainable, I can prove it. Coal equals biochar for example. There is no peak oil we have biofuel. Natural gas equals biogas. QED.

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