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New Jersey Future Executive Director To Co-Chair Waterfront Alliance Coastal Resilience Task Force

April 10th, 2019 by

Will present at organization’s annual conference May 5

New Jersey Future Executive Director Peter Kasabach will co-chair a new Coastal Resilience Task Force being organized by the Waterfront Alliance. The alliance, which focuses on accessible, resilient shorelines around New York Harbor, is convening the task force to build consensus around needed resiliency adaptations, investments, and policies. According to the alliance, the task force “will deliver a final report that frames resiliency recommendations in the context of climate adaptation,” and then will launch an advocacy campaign “to encourage public funds to be invested in critical resiliency priorities, with policy alignment among local, state, and federal authorities.for all communities.”

Read the Waterfront Alliance interview with Peter Kasabach.

On May 7, Mr. Kasabach will be one of the speakers at the Waterfront Alliance’s annual conference, Rising Seas, Rising Risks, at a morning panel titled Who Stays Dry? The Risk is High and the Water’s Getting Higher. The discussion, in which the other co-chairs of the Coastal Resilience Task Force will also participate, will focus on the task force’s work to find better answers to how best to ensure the safety of millions of lives and billions of dollars of property and infrastructure, how best to finance and administer that protection, and how best to communicate the urgency of the need. Full program.

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