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Webinar: Climate Change and Wetland Restoration

May 30, 2018
1:00 pmto2:00 pm

Part of the Together North Jersey Resilience Webinar Series, co-sponsored by the Together North Jersey (TNJ) Resilience Task Force and the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA).

*Application for .75 AICP CE credits pending*

Rutgers University’s current projections estimate a 1.4-foot rise in water by 2050, leaving coastal and riverine communities increasingly vulnerable to inundation, flooding, and storm surge. Encroaching sea waters threaten to destroy the integrity of North Jersey’s wetlands, the loss of which means the loss of an important ecological resource and a critical barrier that protects communities from flooding and storm surge. However, by dedicated efforts to maintain existing or new wetlands, communities can reduce vulnerability to the impacts of climate change while preserving important ecological systems. This webinar will introduce participants to:

  • Sea level rise and storm surge projections
  • The threat climate change poses to wetlands
  • The importance of wetlands in mitigating the impacts of climate change
  • Successful wetlands creation and restoration projects implemented by North Jersey communities
  • Funding sources that have supported successful projects in North Jersey

The presentation will be followed by a 10 minute Q&A.

Presenters: Stacy Krause, AICP PP CFM and Leah B. Yasenchak, PhD, AICP PP CEcD

Location: online

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Webinar: Neighborhood Revitalization, One Block at a Time

May 30, 2018
2:00 pmto3:00 pm

Revitalizing a neighborhood can seem like a daunting task for towns. Engaging the community can be expensive and time consuming, political buy-in from elected officials and decision makers can be difficult to build, and momentum can be hard to maintain over a lengthy implementation process. Team Better Block has spent the past eight years refining a new approach to transforming neighborhoods from the ground up, one block at a time.

This webinar will explore the Better Block approach—a 90 day process that focuses on rapidly transforming a block using low-cost materials and volunteer ingenuity and power. The result is an empowered group of new leaders, a clear demonstration of the community’s vision, and an over-night road map to safety, mobility, and quality of place improvements. Communities build powerful connections around the shared experience of “making” a vision for the future together.

Andrew Howard, founder of Team Better Block, will provide background on how the project began and how communities can put the lessons to work. Andrew will be joined by Kelly Stoddard-Poor of AARP Vermont to discuss how the Better Block process demonstrated the need for complete streets and community revitalization in a small Vermont town.

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