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New Jersey Future Statement on Harmful Algae Blooms

TRENTON, Nov. 18, 2019 — New Jersey Future Managing Director of Policy and Water Chris Sturm released the following statement on new funding to address harmful algal blooms:

“Harmful algal blooms are a growing problem for New Jersey’s water bodies, impacting the people who enjoy recreating on water, natural ecosystems and the tourism industry. The number of waterbodies with HABs jumped from 22 and 20 in 2017 and 2018 respectively to 2019 when 39 were confirmed, according to DEP data, and 16 of these are shown as continuing at this time,” said Sturm.

“This funding announced by Governor Murphy for local communities is important to reduce instances of harmful algal blooms, and it’s great to see the state and federal government working together to solve this issue.While part of the recent increase in HABs may be attributable to elevated awareness and reporting, warm, rainy weather and more severe storms that increase stormwater pollution–something we’re seeing more of as a result of climate change–also exacerbate the likelihood and severity of HABs,” said Sturm

“Green infrastructure techniques will be a core component of any effort to resolve HABs. We look forward to DEP’s adoption of a new stormwater rule, expected next month, which requires new development to manage stormwater using green infrastructure. Communities can also consider implementing stormwater utilities to continue to fund infrastructure upgrades to reduce pollution from stormwater runoff,” said Sturm.

“New Jersey has many water infrastructure needs in addition to the harmful algal blooms that require funding, and we hope to see similar announcements soon on how those will be addressed,” said Sturm

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