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Stormwater Utilities

An important tool for managing storm-related flooding and polluted runoff is now available in New Jersey.

In March 2019, Governor Murphy signed into law the Clean Stormwater and Flood Reduction Act, which gives local government entities the ability to create stormwater utilities and establish fees. With this enactment, New Jersey joined more than 40 states where stormwater utilities were already authorized.

New Jersey’s law allows, but does not require, local governments to establish stormwater utilities to collect fees based on the amount of stormwater the property generates that needs to be managed. Funds generated from these fees are dedicated to stormwater management and cannot be diverted for other purposes.

Stormwater runoff, which typically contains industrial chemicals, grease, motor oil, litter and pet waste, is one of the largest polluters of New Jersey waterways, threatening recreation and water-reliant commerce. As the climate changes, more frequent and more severe rainstorms will mean more storm-related flooding in more communities. And in the state’s older cities, combined-sewer systems can be overwhelmed by stormwater runoff, causing them to discharge raw sewage and to back up into streets and basements.

Without a stormwater utility, the costs of managing storm-related flooding and runoff are included in other local government costs — typically either property taxes or water or sewer fees. This often leads to under-investment in managing stormwater, and can create inequities in who pays, since some property owners don’t pay property taxes, and some properties, while generating runoff, don’t pay a water or sewer bill. A stormwater utility is a mechanism by which to raise sufficient funds for stormwater management, allocate its costs more fairly, and help ensure that less polluted runoff reaches our streams and rivers.

To learn more, and explore whether a stormwater utility might be right for your community, check out the resources below, and visit the website of Flood Defense New Jersey, a coalition of state and local nonprofit organizations working to protect our communities from damaging floods and harmful stormwater pollution.

Stormwater Utility Resources

Stormwater Utility Case Studies

Stormwater Utilities in the News

Stormwater Management and Utilities Consultant List

The consulting firms listed below have stormwater management experience including, in some cases, specific experience with creation of stormwater utilities.

New Jersey Future maintains this list as a service to municipalities, counties, and local utility authorities that are considering the stormwater utility concept, and for community organizations that arrange public meetings and training sessions that require speakers with such expertise. New Jersey Future adds firms to the list at their request; inclusion of a firm does not represent any endorsement of its qualifications; local governments should do an independent review before hiring a firm.

To have your firm added to this list, contact Gary Brune  (gbruneatnjfuturedotorg)  . (Firms are asked to submit a description of their experience with stormwater management and in particular with the creation of stormwater utilities).

Engineering and Management Consulting

Catherine Mallon Traynor
Vice President
Email  (Catherinedotmallonatarcadisdotcom)  
O: 201-794-7400
M: 914-282-1655

Tony Dill, PE, BCEE
Principal Consultant
Email  (AnthonydotDillatarcadisdotcom)  
O: 215-931-4372
M: 610-761-3253

Arcadis is a multi-disciplined, consulting engineering firm with unparalleled experience in water, wastewater, and stormwater utility studies and implementation, having completed more than 200 projects in over 30 states. We offer specialists in rate structure, billing, credit/appeals, ordinances, stakeholder and public outreach, GIS and other relevant services that will streamline the stormwater utility development process.

Black and Veatch Management Consulting
Prabha Kumar
Director, Water Advisory and Planning
Email  (Kumarpnatbvdotcom)  
O: 913-458-1538
M: 302-660-9465

Black and Veatch is a leading global engineering, construction, and consulting firm that specializes in infrastructure development in the fields of energy, water and information.It provides an integrated suite of stormwater management and utility development services, which include level of service assessment; program planning; organizational review and policy development; financial analysis; stormwater fee rate structure development; parcel and billing data management; GIS analysis; credits/appeals programs; stormwater billing database applications; public outreach; and utility implementation support. Black & Veatch experts have assisted many large and small municipalities including the cities of Philadelphia, PA; Wilmington, DE; Newark, DE; Springfield, OH; Arnold, MO; and Minneapolis, MN, in navigating the journey from feasibility study to successful implementation.

Sean Agid
Partnership Catalyst
Email  (seandotagidatcorviasdotcom)  
401-228-2800 (x82818)

Corvias partners with municipalities and government entities to implement and manage public infrastructure and real estate. Under the performance-based model that the firm employs, Corvias is only compensated upon implementing the stormwater work and achieving agreed upon performance goals. This is different than most consulting models which use an hourly billing compensation model and are compensated regardless of whether or not a municipality achieves its goals. Notably, Corvias has developed the two largest stormwater projects in the United States with its partners, Prince George’s County, Maryland and Chester, Pennsylvania. The $210 million, 30-year public-private partnership with Prince Georges County, Maryland received national recognition from the White House and the Environmental Protection Agency as a successful, innovative approach to green stormwater infrastructure.

CDM Smith
Dave Mason, PE
Associate Water Resource Engineer
Email  (MasonDatcdmsmithdotcom)  
O: 615-340-6516
M: 919-971-9767

William Cesanek
Vice President and Senior Infrastructure Planner
Email  (cesanekatcdmdotcom)  

CDM Smith is a nationally recognized leader in stormwater planning, management, and design, having successfully completed over 160 stormwater utility projects across the country; including implementation support services for over 100 systems currently in operation. CDM Smith specializes in all dimensions of stormwater management, including projects involving green infrastructure, regulatory compliance, stormwater financing, and water quality.

Steven Benosky, PE
Senior Project Manager
Email  (sbenoskyatdewberrydotcom)  

Samuel Fleming, PE
Associate Vice President
Email  (sflemingatdewberrydotcom)  

Dewberry is a national engineering firm with three offices in New Jersey where we have long been recognized as experts in stormwater management strategy, planning, design, construction oversight, regulatory compliance, and monitoring of hard and nature-based stormwater solutions. We bring our local clients insight from our experience in establishing and implementing stormwater utilities elsewhere in the U.S. Clients turn to Dewberry’s experts to understand national trends in stormwater utility rates and rate structures and for the ability to develop practical, local programs.

Environmental Finance Center, University of Maryland
Jen Cotting
Email  (jcottingatumddotedu)  

The EFC’s Stormwater Financing and Outreach Unit (SW Unit) was established in 2011 to provide direct technical assistance to communities looking to develop sufficient, sustained, and equitable financing strategies for stormwater management and water quality improvement. After working with more than 60 communities throughout the Mid-Atlantic on stormwater finance, we know that the most effective financing strategies are steeped in local context and consensus and have bottom-up community support.

Gannett Fleming, Inc.
Nathan Walker, AICP
Senior Water Resources Planner
Email  (nawalkeratgfnetdotcom)  
O:   610.650.8101 x 7172
M:  484.362.8078
As a community’s stormwater management responsibilities change, local leaders must adapt their programs to meet new water quality, infrastructure, and flood mitigation challenges. Gannett Fleming, Inc. brings a multi-disciplined approach to stormwater issues that span across municipal departments. Gannett Fleming offers comprehensive planning, design, and construction management services with 103 years of project experience serving municipal clients. With a staff of more than 2,500 employees in 50 offices, including offices in Marlton, Newark, and Piscataway, our size and resources ensure that we provide a total spectrum of services to meet our clients’ needs. Call us to discuss Gannett Fleming staff’s experience across the Mid-Atlantic establishing municipal stormwater programs that pursue local goals, supported by a sustainable, dedicated funding source.

Dave Kuhn, PE
Senior Consultant
Email  (dkuhnatgpinetdotcom)  

Greenman-Pedersen, Inc. (GPI) is a full-service engineering firm with extensive experience in stormwater management design at the state and local government level. GPI’s experience includes the design of stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) in accordance with the NJDEP BMP Manual. GPI has designed numerous stormwater management systems including, but not limited to, green Infrastructure, bio-retention, detention, and infiltration basins as required to comply with the NJDEP Stormwater Management Rules.

Herbert, Rowland and Grubic
Adrienne Vicari
Financial Services Practice Leader
Email  (avicariathrg-incdotcom)  
717-564-1121 (x237)

Herbert, Rowland & Grubic is a civil engineering and related services consulting firm, specialized in teaming with municipalities and counties to develop sustainable community solutions through innovative, cost effective infrastructure management. Over the past two years, HRG has established stormwater utilities to benefit over 40 municipalities and assisted roughly 100 municipalities in stormwater utility feasibility, implementation and/or regional stormwater management. HRG’s experience with regional stormwater management includes county level feasibility analysis and regional stormwater utility implementation, in addition to large-scale BMP implementation to address watershed-based stormwater needs.

Julie Stein, LEED AP BD + C, ENV SP
Water Resources Program Manager | Professional Associate
Email  (juliedotsteinathdrincdotcom)  
D: 212-542-6073
M: 646-704-4312

From our three offices in New Jersey and three offices in the NYC area, HDR professionals are currently serving municipalities, counties, and authorities to deliver stormwater drainage system modeling and evaluations, MS4 management and compliance support, green infrastructure planning and design services throughout the region. HDR has achieved a national reputation for providing high quality work in utility management services that range from finance, planning, operations, engineering, design, and sustainability services. HDR is widely recognized for our expertise in this area and has nationally-recognized individuals providing comprehensive planning, asset management, and financial/rate services to our clients. The area of financial planning and rates is a highly specialized and unique service. The overall quality of a rate or fee study is typically a function of the firm providing the services and the individuals conducting the study. HDR’s qualifications center around four key areas: practical work experience within utilities; breadth of multi-disciplinary engineering and consulting services; depth of experience in rate related issues and projects; and presentations and communications.

Russell Ford, PhD, PE, BCEE
Vice President and Global Solutions Director
Email  (RusselldotFordatjacobsdotcom)  
O: 862-242-7040
M: 973-615-8322

Jacobs has stewarded policy making, public outreach, financial planning, and implementation of numerous stormwater utilities for 18 municipalities, including Montgomery County, Maryland; the City of Richmond, Virginia; the City of Centennial in Arapahoe County, Colorado; and Lancaster Pennsylvania. Our broad expertise enables us to adapt the foundational elements of a legally defensible stormwater fee to meet the diverse needs of cities, counties, and water authorities. Jacobs has extensive experience ensuring that stormwater fees meet legal requirements and state-specific legal precedents, such as the 2011 Arkansas State Supreme Court ruling that upheld the City of Hot Springs’ 2008 fee. Jacobs was also co-author on the “User-Fee Funded Stormwater Program. Jacobs is experienced in the design of Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) in accordance with the NJDEP BMP Manual and other state of the art practices.

Jim Cosgrove
Vice President/Principal
Email  (jcosgroveatkleinfelderdotcom)  

Brian Friedlich, PE
Project Manager II
Email  (BFriedlichatkleinfelderdotcom)  
O: 609-924-8821 ext. 115
D: 609-454-4562

Kleinfelder is a multi-disciplinary group of engineers, scientists, and construction professionals providing solutions that improve our clients’ water, energy, transportation, government and facility-related infrastructure. Our group of professionals in New Jersey have given numerous seminars on New Jersey Stormwater Regulations and best management practices (BMPs), and are often called upon to design state-of-the-art green infrastructure technologies for stormwater management. Kleinfelder’s work with stormwater infrastructure has spanned several decades, and has included stormwater BMP design, development and implementation of watershed restoration plans, long-term control planning for combined sewer overflow management, and development of stormwater infrastructure operation and maintenance plans. Our expertise and experience is well suited to support communities as they pursue implementation of stormwater utilities in New Jersey.

Mott MacDonald
Kirk Barrett, PhD, PE, CFM
Project Engineer – Stormwater
Email  (kirkdotbarrettatmottmacdotcom)  

John Dening, PE, CFM
Senior Project Engineer
Email  (johndotdeningatmottmacdotcom)  

For over 80 years, Mott MacDonald, has helped local governments in New Jersey to evaluate, plan, and design stormwater, flood control, and combined sewer overflow (CSO) projects. We understand local conditions and the regulatory environment, equipping us to help local governments develop a vision for clean stormwater and flood reduction. We have staff with experience establishing and operating stormwater utilities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida, including the City of Dayton, Ohio and the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority.

Princeton Hydro
Mr. Geoffrey Goll, PE
Email  (ggollatprincetonhydrodotcom)  

Princeton Hydro was formed in 1998 with the specific mission to provide integrated ecological and engineering consulting services, and we have become a leader in the field of creative stormwater management and green infrastructure. Our approach combines the engineering aspects of stormwater management with natural runoff treatment systems to fulfill such diverse objectives as flood control, water quality protection, erosion and sediment control, aesthetics and recreation, and pollutant reduction. Well before “green infrastructure” and “nature-based solutions” were part of the stormwater lexicon, Princeton Hydro was designing and implementing stormwater projects that mimicked the ecological properties and functionality of riparian corridors, floodplains, and wetland ecosystems. Regarding stormwater utilities, our staff are well-versed in the latest GIS spatial data processing and automation techniques, stormwater parcel-based billing systems, and designing innovative stormwater controls as attractive landscape amenities.

Heather Locklear
Vice President
Email  (hlocklearatraftelisdotcom)  

In 1993, Raftelis was founded to provide trusted expertise to help utilities function as high-performing, sustainable entities while providing the public with clean water at an affordable price. We focus on helping our clients solve their finance, organizational, and technology challenges, achieve their objectives, and, ultimately, make their communities better places to live, work, and play. With more than 80 consultants, we have the largest practice in the nation focusing on the financial and organizational components of stormwater, wastewater, and water utilities. Our stormwater team has developed and implemented more than 50 stormwater utilities and have assisted many more with program development, rate restructuring, and billing, data maintenance, and customer service solutions.

Van Note-Harvey Associates, Inc.
Brian R. Perry, PE, CME, LEED APBD&C
Senior Project Manager
Email  (bperryatvannoteharveydotcom)  

VNHA has an established reputation of professionalism, expertise, and integrity backed by over 125 years of experience in engineering design, environmental consulting, and land surveying services. We are regularly involved with progressive, state-of-the-art stormwater management projects earning accolades from clients, regulators, and those in the field of academia. Green infrastructure practices can be found in our stormwater management designs dating back to the early 1980’s. VNHA is committed to remaining at the forefront of new and evolving stormwater management practices. Our project experience encompasses all stages of site planning, design, permitting, construction, post-construction inspection, and maintenance of stormwater management facilities. VNHA’s design professionals have taken part in several NJDEP rule-making stakeholder meetings over the years, are well-versed in stormwater management planning, and are prepared to assist clients in both the public and private sectors with stormwater management project solutions.

Elizabeth Treadway
Principal Program Manager
Email  (elizabethdottreadwayatwoodplcdotcom)  
M: 336-210-9011

Wood is a leading global environmental, engineering, construction, and consulting firm. We have close to 100 offices in the United States with Mid-Atlantic offices in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. Stormwater engineering, planning, management, and financing are core water resources practice areas for Wood. We provide a holistic approach that includes capital planning, flood mitigation, financial analysis, public engagement, and spatial data management. Years of supporting local governments across the nation have been successful because of the experience of professional specialists in conveyance engineering, surface water resource permitting, stormwater management design, FEMA-based flood plain mapping, emergency response, local government organization management, stormwater strategies, and financial policy. Our stormwater financing team, led by nationally recognized experts in the field, have assisted hundreds of Clients with stormwater fee studies and program development. Additionally, we have extensive experience with surface water resource permitting, FEMA-based flood plain mapping, and emergency response.

David Ahdout
Senior Supervisor Engineer
Email  (DaviddotAhdoutatwspdotcom)  

WSP has provided technical support to the municipalities of Mississauga, Kitchener and Guelph in Canada on the setup of their stormwater utility programs. We provided technical assistance in the property assessments as well as the configuration of utility credit programs rewarding non-residential landowners for the implementation of Best Management Practices that reduce the burden on municipal stormwater infrastructure. Locally in our New Jersey offices, WSP has a team of over 30 engineers, planners and environmental scientists who develop innovative solutions to the stormwater management challenges faced by our clients. WSP has the knowledge, experience, and passion to assist municipalities with investigating and establishing a stormwater utility.

Legal and/or Government Affairs

Gibbons, P.C.
David J. Pascrell, Esq.
Government and Regulatory Affairs Department
Email  (dpascrellatgibbonslawdotcom)  
O: 609-858-2441
M: 973-632-8656

Gibbons has advised numerous public and private entities with regard to corporate, regulatory, procurement, and finance questions that arise in the course of establishing both regulated and unregulated utilities in the State of New Jersey. We are currently advising public authorities, counties, and municipalities today on implementing the Stormwater Utility Act. We are one of only a handful of law firm’s with a full time presence in the State’s Capitol and are meeting with and guiding clients through matters in the NJDEP, BPU, and Governor’s Office and Legislature every day. We are the leading law firm-based lobbying and regulatory practice group by revenue in the State for the last 12 years according to the New Jersey Law Journal.

Maraziti Falcon, LLP
Diane Alexander, Esq.
Email  (dalexanderatmfhenvlawdotcom)  
O: 973-912-6811
M: 973-912-9008

Maraziti Falcon, LLP, has advised public and private sector clients regarding municipal, environmental, infrastructure and resiliency related issues for over 30 years, and has successfully created authorities and has represented authorities with regard to a wide variety of environmental and municipal laws and regulations.The Firm represents public authorities, municipalities and the private sector concerning water, wastewater, stormwater, land use and air issues. Attorneys have participated in the Stakeholders Group convened by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to revise the NJPDES Regulations, Planning Rules and Surface Water Quality Standards and have participated in the drafting of legislation relevant to public entities, including the creation of stormwater utilities, and have presented testimony at the NJ Clean Water Council public hearing regarding Using Stormwater Utilities to address Water Quality and Flooding. Attorneys at the firm are frequent authors and presenters on the subject of stormwater management and resiliency.

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